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Since 1999

In June of 1999, Nicholas T. Bailey had first moved up to Idyllwild and started doing work in the carpet industry. With years of hard work and dedication, this would eventually pay off leading up to him opening the ‘Idyllwild Design Center’ of August 2004, still located in town today! His traits of hard work and dedication would eventually be passed down to me, his grandson, Devon Nicholas Bailey, where I first started cleaning carpets up here in December of 2015 thanks to him setting me up. Sadly… he passed away a year later on July 30 2016. However the key things he taught me about this industry still stick with me today. Going as far back as three generations of working with carpet, not only do we clean them, but are able to clean Upholstery, Rugs and even windows too! And did I mention we do carpet repair? Yes and soon will be installing carpet.

With extensive years of research and hard work, we came up with the perfect cleaning formula that is healthy to both the environment and indoor air quality leaving your home safe and back to normal living conditions! We have also obtained the right tools and equipment for any type of dirty situation to give our customers the best quality cleaning service possible!

Serving the areas of:

Idyllwild, Pine Cove, Mountain Center and Garner Valley

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